Plain text to html generator

  Convert text to html.
just copy your text paste it on the box and click submit button once and it will be converted to html

This tool text to html converter is a free tool which converts text pasted in the box above to html. This conversion tool takes blocks of regular text and wraps HTML tags around them so you can publish the text online. it generates a full html page for you to insert into your webpage. With this tool you can create a webpage by entering the information you want on the page in the box and it will be converted to full web html which you will paste on your website. it is a useful for generating html formatting.

Our free converter is a quick and easy way to convert a text into html. The head tag, title tags and body tag are added automatically. You have to change the title of the source after generating the html to the title of the page you want. Feel free to use this free tool converter to convert webpages as much as you wish with our online html to text converter tool.

This free tool does not require you to install anything on your computer before you use it, every conversion is done on the browser, so your files are safe and they are not stored on the server. You don’t need any acrobat reader or flash to use this tool, and registration or emails are not required to use the servrce. so you can do your conversion on the move with your mobile phones, android, iphones and any phone with browsing feature.

This premium conversion service is provided free and you are not limited to number of conversions per day or the size of data for conversion.

Please if you like this tool recommend it to a friend. This tool is provided without warranty, Use at your own discretion.